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Car motor magnetic tile and casing bonding method
Jun 15, 2018

In the development of modern society, people's requirements for energy saving and environmental protection are more and more important. Therefore, the demand for energy-saving DC motors is also increasing. The manufacture of the stator assembly in the manufacturing process of a DC motor is an important process. The stator assembly is a component in which the magnetic shoe of an automobile motor is bonded to the motor housing by glue, and in the process of bonding the magnetic shoe of an automobile motor, usually It is first magnetized and then bonded to the housing.


In actual production, the phenomenon of squeegee may occur under the influence of magnetic force, which will result in a decrease in the bond strength. To solve this problem, we need to adopt new methods for bonding. For example, a new bonding jig can be used to reduce the loss of glue and increase the strength of bonding. In fact, with respect to the bonding of the motor magnet shoe and the motor casing, it is meant that the ceramic tile is coated with water on the surface of the tile, and the magnet tile is inserted into the hole of the motor casing to be bonded.


In this process, due to the magnetism of the car's motor magnet, it is often the case that the magnetic tile is adsorbed on the inner wall of the casing and slides into the designated position. This causes the magnetic tile to contact with the inner wall of the motor casing less than the specified position and causes magnetic. Loss of glue on the tile surface, the phenomenon of rubber car shroud scraping.


After being improved, it can be controlled by means of a controllable torque wrench. This will allow flexible control of the pressure between the motor-motor tile and the casing. This pressure is uniform in every aliquot. Ensure the consistency of the bonding effect of each pole magnetic tile. In the process of glue solidification, in addition to the need to control the pressure applied to the magnetic tile and the casing, it is also necessary to control the pressure application time, that is, the initial solidification time of the glue.


Next, we fixed the bonded motor-motor tile and then applied glue on its surface. Using the chuck key, the chuck was rotated counterclockwise. The jaws of the chuck moved inward, and the outer diameter of the magnet tile became smaller. By this method, the glue on the magnetic tile of the motor car can be prevented from being prematurely contacted with the case to cause a decrease in the amount of glue and prevent the occurrence of the squeegee phenomenon.



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