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Car motor magnetic segment use precautions
Dec 28, 2018

When selecting the magnetic section of the automobile motor, the customer should first determine the suitable magnet grade according to the working temperature. If the working temperature is higher than the temperature of the magnet, the magnet will demagnetize slowly until it is non-magnetic. At the same time, attention should be paid to the surrounding environmental conditions. If the magnet device used is in a sealed state, it may be considered to select a magnet that is not plated or white zinc plated, which can save costs.


In order to ensure the good performance of the magnetic section of the motor, it is recommended to store it in a dry, constant temperature environment, and separate it with plastic, wood chips, cardboard, foam, etc. Keep away from iron and easily magnetized items such as monitors, bank cards, computers, televisions, mobile phones, etc.


When handling and storing, you should pay attention to light handling. Since the magnetic section of the motor motor itself has heavy and brittle characteristics, special care should be taken when handling and moving to avoid magnetic breakage. Keep the environment dry during storage. Do not stack directly on the floor. It is best to put thick cardboard or place it on the shelf.



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