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Brief introduction of black NdFeB magnetic tile performance
Sep 10, 2018

The manufacturing process of black NdFeB magnetic tile can be summarized as: material selection, batching, alloy melting, milling, pressing, sintering and tempering, machining, electroplating, and finally finished products. The molding process is one of the important processes. black NdFeB magnetic tile has high magnetic energy product, high remanence, high coercivity and good stability. It can meet the requirements of miniature and high-performance permanent magnet devices. It is widely used in motors, electroacoustics, magnetism and magnetism. Treatment, computer, communication equipment and other fields.


Brief introduction of black neodymium iron boron magnetic tile performance:

The plating process of the product during processing is black epoxy, and galvanized nickel plating is common. The product features high temperature resistance, wire cutting process, coating thickness 16 microns, PCT experiment 48 hours, reversible temperature coefficient of remanence is -0.11% / °C, reversible temperature coefficient of coercivity is -0.5% / °C .


As for the specific specifications of black NdFeB magnetic tile, it can be customized according to customer's drawings/sample processing. The product can be used in a variety of motors, with excellent quality, reliable performance, strong magnetic force and high dimensional accuracy.



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