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Bonding method of no core motor magnetic tile and casing
Oct 24, 2018

With the demand for energy saving and environmental protection in society, the use of more energy-efficient motors is increasing. The manufacture of stator assemblies in the motor manufacturing process is an important process. The stator assembly is a no core motor magnetic tile through glue bonding fitness equipment. The component of the magnetic wattage to the motor casing.


In the process of bonding the coreless motor and the motor casing, in order to avoid the phenomenon of scraping, design a tool for bonding the magnetic tile. The principle of the tooling is based on the 2-jaw chuck or the 4-jaw chuck, depending on the pole of the motor. Logarithm determination. A tool for fixing the magnetic tile is mounted on the claw of the chuck, and the tool for fixing the magnetic tile is cylindrical, and the outer arc of the cylindrical shape is consistent with the arc of the magnetic tile to ensure that the magnetic tile can be closely attached to the outer surface of the cylinder.


The height of the cylinder is determined by the height of the stator of the motor and the position of the magnet and the casing. Then, according to the number of pole pairs of the motor, the cylinder is divided into 2 or 4, and the pressing block with the axial fixed magnetic tile is left at the end face of each aliquot, and the magnetic wave is fixed in the circumferential direction at the two edges of each aliquot. The control of the chuck tightening torque by a controllable torque wrench controls the pressure between the magnetic tile and the casing. This pressure is uniform in every aliquot, thus ensuring a coreless motor watt per pole. Consistent bonding effect.


In the process of solidification of the glue, in addition to controlling the pressure applied to the coreless motor and the casing, it is necessary to control the time during which the pressure is applied, that is, the initial solidification time of the glue. The curing time of the glue is met by the operation time interval.



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