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Bonded permanent NdFeB magnetic tile physical properties and performance parameters
Apr 25, 2018

Bonded permanent NdFeB magnetic tile are magnets made by rapid quenching NdFeB magnetic powder mixed with a binder by "press molding" or "injection molding." The magnets bonded to permanent magnets of NdFeB magnets have high dimensional accuracy, and can be made into magnetic components with relatively complex shapes, and they are characterized by one-time molding and multi-pole orientation. Injection magnets have high mechanical strength and can be injected into one piece with other parts when molding.


Bonded permanent NdFeB magnetic tile have physical properties:


Bonded permanent magnet NdFeB magnetic tile ring magnetic properties will be much higher than ferrite, then also pay attention to this ferro-boron ring because of a molding, no post-processing, dimensional accuracy is better than sintered NdFeB; Bonded permanent magnet NdFeB magnetic tile ring can be multi-pole magnetization; this operating temperature is high, Tw = 150 °C; anti-corrosion performance is also better; more used in car seat motors.


The maximum working temperature and Curie temperature that the bonded permanent NdFeB magnetic tile can withstand:


The magnetic strength of the bonded permanent magnet NdFeB magnetic tile is closely related to the change of the ambient temperature. In the operating temperature range, when the temperature rises by 1°C, the corresponding magnetic force must be weakened. After cooling, most of them can be restored to their original levels. This is actually reversible. If the temperature reaches the Curie temperature, the internal molecules of the magnet move violently and demagnetization occurs. This is irreversible.


The upper limit of the heat-resisting working temperature of the bonded permanent magnet NdFeB magnets is 80°C, and the Curie temperature is 310°C. After that, the upper limit of the heat-resistant working temperature of the high-temperature-resistant bonded permanent magnet NdFeB magnets is 200°C. Curie temperature is also in the 340 ~ 400 °C; ferrite heat-resistant operating temperature limit: 300 °C, Curie temperature 450-460 °C.


Finally, with respect to the use of bonded permanent magnets, NdFeB magnets, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that there will also be their own mold shop, and when actually used, the design and production of bonded permanent-magnetic NdFeB magnetic tiles It is also necessary to provide a complete NdFeB rotor and stator assembly according to customer requirements.



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