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Bonded NdFeB magnetic tile price level analysis
Jan 26, 2018

Today, the market price of bonded NdFeB magnetic tiles, and even the same kind of magnet specifications, but given a different offer. This makes a lot of consumers difficult to choose, then, bonded NdFeB magnetic tile price difference is mainly reflected in what aspects?


As we all know, bonded NdFeB magnetic tile in the production process is mainly used in injection molding. Consideration from the use of effect, it is recommended that everyone should first choose high-quality products. You know, the general price quotation is too low, its quality is relatively poor. In this way, the effect can not be guaranteed in practice.


This is because manufacturers in order to ensure their own profits, often in the selection of materials will choose some cheaper materials. Then the quality of the product so obtained can not be guaranteed. The high-quality bonded NdFeB magnetic tile, not only strict selection criteria, the use of new materials. And in the actual production process, all processes are in place to ensure product quality.


Bonded NdFeB magnetic tile production process can be summarized as: with powder, pressing, curing, finishing, then the coating and magnetization, and finally for testing and packaging. In fact, when analyzing the price of the product, it is not only closely related to its own quality, but also to the predetermined quantity, product specification and other factors.


Overall, the advantages of bonded NdFeB magnetic tile are cost-effective, and also have excellent mechanical properties. This makes it very popular with users in practical applications. Combined with the current situation, bonded NdFeB magnetic tile in the modern industrial and electronic technology has been widely used.


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