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Arc ferrite magnetic tile storage conditions and role
Mar 05, 2018

Speaking of arc ferrite magnetic tile storage conditions is very important, because the magnetic products in our daily use must be inseparable from the time, then it's about the storage method also requires our attention. And in terms of curved ferrite magnetic tile, if stored properly, after the actual investigation, it will be more prone to degaussing phenomenon!


Precisely because of this, on the storage of arc ferrite magnetic tile, we should pay attention to a series of objects that are sensitive to the magnetic field, especially the heart-poking, away from disks, magnetic cards, magnetic tapes, computer monitors and watches. And other electronic medical devices must also be away from, otherwise it will be very dangerous.


Arc ferrite magnetic tile in the role of wireless charging, first of all, in terms of its hard magnetic sheet is sintered from high temperature ferrite sheet, with high permeability, hard and easy material according to the crack, in view of So, that is, it will be used in the wireless charging transmitter. In conclusion, the main feature of arc-shaped ferrite magnetic tile is that it has the function of magnetic permeability, magnetic blocking and thermal conductivity.


Soft magnetic tile among the arc ferrite magnetic tile, this alloy powder added to the plastic or rubber which will be processed into shape, made of soft magnetic tile. Soft magnetic tile material is relatively soft, the thickness will be very thin, then it can be based on wireless charging scheme required magnetic tile shape size punching, customization is relatively high, commonly used in wireless charging receiver.


Finally, when it comes to the specification of arc ferrite magnetic tile, it mainly includes the wafer and the ring foil, the thickness is usually 1mm, such as D50 * 1, D30 * 5 * 1D and so on. For customers who need arc-shaped ferrite magnetic tile, but time to catch up and rush to their delivery and do not want to customize the time to open, you should pay attention to find a variety of curved ferrite magnetic tile spot, pay attention to Arc ferrite magnetic tile specifications, according to need to choose.




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