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Application of rare earth permanent magnetic tile
Mar 30, 2018

Rare earth permanent magnetic tiles are also a very common type of magnetic tile. They are used in many industrial fields and play a decisive role in this field. As far as the medical industry is concerned, there are many devices equipped with rare earth permanent magnets.


For example, magnetic separators, which have two types of permanent magnets and electromagnetic, magnets used in permanent magnetic separators used ferrite. After the emergence of rare earth permanent magnetic tile, various models and types of permanent magnet magnetic separators were designed and manufactured. Especially in medium-high magnetic field magnetic separators, rare earth permanent magnets must be used.


Secondly, various computer and peripheral equipment data output printers in the medical industry, and their disk drive motors are also equipped with rare earth permanent magnetic tile; and all kinds of instruments are also the same, including magnetoelectric meters, counters, etc., all must pass rare earth permanent Magnetic tile can run better.


In addition, loudspeakers and headphones themselves are traditional applications of permanent magnets. There are two kinds of external magnetic speakers and internal magnetic, rare earth permanent magnet after the emergence of the same output power and sound quality, the speaker is made very small, the current rare earth permanent magnet speakers and headphones have been applied to senior walkman.


In addition, in the microwave field, microwave tubes, milliwave tube generators or amplifiers need to stabilize the magnetic field, so rare earth permanent magnets mainly play the role of the aggregation of the electron motion, making the equipment obtain a stable magnetic field and run more accurately. .



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