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Application of Magnetizing Method for Magnet Welding of strong motor magnetic tile and Its Influence
Sep 29, 2017

We know that in many products, the motor belongs to a very important part, and in the motor, the magnetic tile belongs to one of the important parts. Usually we are the strong motor magnetic tile used in permanent magnet motor, communication motors, DC motors and linear motors and other products.

So, you know that in the strong motor magnetic tile to magnetize the time, which can be used in several ways? For the time being, there are three commonly used methods, the first is to magnetize the magnetic tile alone, and then into the chassis, and then install the whole; the second is the first tile into the chassis after the Magnetization, and then install the whole; the third way is to put the magnetic tile into the case and install the product, and finally with the magnetization.

So, if the use of the magnetic method is different, the actual effect of what is it? In fact, the current second magnetic method is the most common. The first method for magnetizing magnetic tiles is actually open-circuit magnetization. This is because it is in the process of magnetization, there is no external magnetic field magnetic circuit, so it does not constitute a closed loop, then the final magnetization effect may not be full.

Therefore, if you use this method, then it may be strong motor magnetic tile magnetic flux density have a certain impact, often less than closed-circuit magnetization. The second way is the closed-circuit magnetization, the resulting magnetic flux density is the highest, but also by the shape of the charge head to adjust the air gap magnetic density of the waveform, so as to better achieve the different requirements of the motor.

However, there are some shortcomings in this way, such as in the installation of the time, it needs to use a dedicated tool to carry out, otherwise it will have a negative impact on the strong motor tiles. The magnetic flux density obtained in the third mode is between the above two modes.

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