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Application fields and manufacturing requirements for marine motor magnetic tiles
Aug 22, 2018

The marine motor magnetic tile has a certain amount of spontaneous magnetization inside each magnetic tile in the ferromagnetic material without magnetization. It has a great magnetic property to a certain extent, but the magnetization directions of a large number of magnetic tiles are different. The entire ferromagnetic material is not magnetic.

When the electric ferromagnetic material of the marine motor magnetic watt is in the external magnetic field, the volume of the magnetic wattage whose spontaneous magnetization direction and the external magnetic field direction are at a small angle expands with the increase of the applied magnetic field and the magnetization direction of the magnetic watt. Further turn to the direction of the external magnetic field.

Marine motor magnetic tiles are manufactured with light DC motors, such as geared motors, servo DC motors, automotive and motorcycle starters, automotive door and window lift motors, wiper motors, seat motors, cold and warm air motors, oil pump motors, and motorcycles. Car magnet, treadmill motor, car ABS system, door lock motor and power tools.


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