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Application Characteristics of Ship Electric Motor Magnetic Tile
May 09, 2018

The motor speed sensor for external motor boats is equipped with a magnet. The tachometer permanent ferrite generally has its sensor head mounted close to the top of the detection gear on the rotating shaft. When the rotating shaft rotates with the gear, the motor rotates The sensor must also induce a frequency signal that is proportional to the rotational speed.


When using ship electric motor magnetic tile, we will also find that it is composed of permanent magnets, coils and U-shaped magnets. When magnetic objects are near U-shaped magnets, the magnetic flux in the coils will inevitably occur. As a result, the magnetic steel manufacturers at both ends of the coil erect an induced voltage whose frequency changes in proportion to the magnetic flux. About magnetic flux with frequency f = rotation speed (r/min) × number of teeth / 60 (Hz)


With regard to fluctuations in the rotational speed ship electric motor magnetic tile, the rotational speed signal of the sensor is also output. This type of marine motor magnet speed sensor is relatively simple in construction, does not require power when actually used, the volume is also very small, does not occupy the place, does not require maintenance, high reliability of measurement, it is used in large quantities In various industrial places.


Afterwards, when it comes to built-in detection gear marine motor speed sensor, it will inevitably connect the shaft with the shaft of the rotary machine. When rotating, it will produce a signal whose frequency is proportional to the speed. Marine motor speed sensor consists of permanent magnets, detection gears, internal gears, etc., forming a closed magnetic field detection loop.


When the detection gear rotates with the axis of the ship electric motor magnetic tile, the magnetic flux will inevitably change, and an induced voltage whose frequency changes proportionally to the magnetic flux will be established directly at both ends of the coil. Magnetic flux as the frequency f = speed (r / min) × number of teeth / 60 (Hz) fluctuates, it is outputted as a speed signal of the sensor.



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