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Application and Process Theory of Sintered NdFeB Magnetic Tile
Jan 17, 2018

So far, the application of sintered NdFeB magnetic tile in modern production and life can be described as extremely broad. For example, it has been widely used in motors, engines, voice coil motors, communications, magnetic resonance imaging, control instrumentation, and even audio equipment. At the same time with the development of the automotive industry, the demand for sintered NdFeB magnetic tile in this area has shown a significant increase.


Of course, the application of sintered NdFeB magnetic tile is still in many other areas continue to expand, it can be described as a huge development prospects. Currently in the production and processing time, the sintered NdFeB permanent magnet materials are mainly manufactured by powder metallurgy method. The process can be summarized as: raw material preparation, smelting, ingot, crushing and milling, magnetic field orientation and pressure type, sintering, tempering, machining and surface treatment, and finally for quality testing.


In general, in fact, the magnetic properties of sintered NdFeB magnetic tile mainly depends on the Nd2Fe14B matrix phase. This is because the magnetic polarization Js (Js = μ0Ms, Ms is the saturation magnetization) and the anisotropy field HA mainly depend on the chemical composition of the Nd2Fe14B phase. The reason for the smelting is to melt the pure metal material and ensure that all the metal material melts.


It should be noted that in the process of processing, we must ensure that the composition of the alloy is reasonable, but also requires its composition is uniform, and more pure, so as to avoid being contaminated by inclusions or gas. In fact, the ingot structure of sintered NdFeB not only has an important influence on the milling, orientation and sintering process, but also has an important influence on the properties of the powder and the final sintered magnetic properties.


In short, the sintering process of sintered NdFeB magnetic tile is mainly to improve the performance and usability of the magnet as much as possible, improve the contact properties between the powders and improve the strength. As a result, it will be able to make sintered NdFeB magnetic tile with high-performance microstructure features, and lay a good foundation for its excellent performance.


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