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Analysis of rare earth permanent magnetic tile processing technology
Sep 07, 2018

Grinding is the last step of rare earth permanent magnetic tiles, and it is also one of the key processes affecting the quality and yield of magnetic tiles. In the process of grinding rare earth permanent magnets, it is necessary to ensure the quality of the process to prevent the magnetic tiles from being scrapped due to poor strength.


In the process of this process, the rare earth permanent magnetic tile is mainly subjected to three forces, namely: compression resistance, bending resistance and tensile strength. Among them, the magnetic tile can withstand the maximum compressive strength. The mechanical strength of ferrite has a great relationship with the grinding wheel, tooling and processing technology. The tooling and grinding wheel design of each process of internal and external arc grinding should be basically consistent with the blank of the product. In order to carry out the grinding effectively without affecting the strength of the magnetic tile, the coarse grinding wheel is first used for rapid rough grinding and then finely ground.


Generally, in the grinding process, a strong grinding method using deep and gentle advancement is adopted. When the feeding is performed, since the load is small, vibration is not easily generated, and the mechanical strength of the rare earth permanent magnet tile is not affected. In the process of grinding rare earth permanent magnetic tiles, the cooling water should be enough to effectively improve the heat dissipation conditions and improve the yield and quality of the magnetic tiles.



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