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Analysis of magnetic tile bonding problem of synchronous motor tile
Dec 26, 2018

With the continuous development and wide application of synchronous motor tile magnetic tiles, the bonding of permanent magnets and yokes has become an important part of motor manufacturing and processing. In the process of magnetic tile bonding, there are two main factors involved, one is the strength of the adhesive itself, and the other is the bonding strength between the casing, the magnetic tile and the adhesive.


Combined with the above factors, for the synchronous motor tile magnetic tile, the quality of the surface treatment will mean that the bonding quality is determined to some extent. For machined surfaces, oil removal and de-embroidering should be performed. For parts that are free of rust, a gasoline cleaning method can be used. Normally, the magnetic tile bonding surface should be as rough as possible.


In the bonding process, if the inner surface of the casing is a smooth curved surface structure, it is difficult to bond. Usually, the groove can be fixed, or the positioning table can be arranged in the axial direction, so that the synchronous motor tile magnetic tile can be simultaneously bonded on two mutually perpendicular faces, and the bonding firmness is improved.



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