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Advantages of permanent magnet ferrite magnetic tile and its main application fields
Oct 10, 2018

As a basic functional material of the electronics industry, permanent magnet ferrite magnetic tiles have penetrated into various fields of human production and life, and have been obtained in automobiles, motorcycles, televisions, stereos, computers, communication terminals, medical instruments, etc. Wide range of applications, it is an important aspect of energy development.


The permanent magnet ferrite magnetic tile is a compound with hexagonal structure with uniaxial anisotropy. The composite oxide permanent magnet material with Fe2O3 as the main component can be divided into sintering for different production processes. There are two kinds of ferrite and bonded ferrite. Among them, sintered ferrite is divided into dry press molding and wet press molding. The bonded permanent ferrite is divided into extrusion molding, calender molding and injection molding. The bonded permanent ferrite has flexibility, elasticity and torsion.


The advantages of the permanent magnet ferrite magnetic tile are that it has a high electrical resistivity and can be used in high frequency applications; the raw material is cheap, the source is wide, the manufacturing process is simple, and the product is suitable for mass production; the chemical stability is good, and there is no oxidation problem. Such permanent magnet ferrite magnets are mainly used in motors, speakers, microwave ovens, sensors and other components, followed by the home appliance industry.



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